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Examples of type 1 and type 2 respiratory failureDepartment of Pulmonology deals with the diseases that are related to lungs and respiratory tract, such as COPD, Asthma, Tuberculosis, lung fibrosis etc.

Head: Dr. Umer Habib

CardiologyDepartment of Cardiology, Deals with the heart and vascular problems. Please free to ask a question about heart related problem.

Head: Dr. Shariar Chaudary

Gastroenterology askwebdrDepartment of gastroenterology deals with the problems of stomach, small and large intestine, liver and biliary tract, and other associated glands.

Head: Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti.

Endocrinology department askwebdrEndocrinology is a branch of medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine which deals with hormones related problems. If you have a hormonal problem then an endocrinologist is the right expert you should see.

Head: Dr. Umaima

Accident and trauma department askwebdrTrauma, Accident and emergency department, follow life-saving and emergency techniques to save a life. Patients are hemodynamically stabilized and referred to a concerned specialty.

Head: Dr. David Mckburk

Department of internal medicineInternal Medicine deals with all medical problems. It deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of adult diseases. An internist should be overall In charge of a management plan.

Head: Dr. Adil Ramzan

department of dermatologyDepartment of dermatology deals with the diseases of skin. Cosmetology is a branch of dermatology which deals with cosmetics and looks.

Head: Dr. Maha Malik

Gyne-obs department of askwebdrGynecology deals with the diseases which are specific to the female gender. Obstetrics, on the other hand, deals the pregnancy and delivery and post-partum problems.

Head: Dr.Amnah Abbasi

department of rheumatology askwebdrRheumatology is a branch of medicine which deals with the rheumatic and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Rheumatic fever and other autoimmune disorders.

Head: Dr. Kashmala Tariq

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